Hoarders – episodes 1-4

my worst nightmare

my worst nightmare

A&E —– I’m totally fascinated by hoarders….guess I’m not alone since they’ve made a show on it…It reminds me of How Clean is Your House only on this show they’re trying to deal with helping the person psychologically as well as clean out the junk….but it’s rushed…i’m sure this is something that would take months or years of work….not two days.  The cat episode was really tough for me to watch…..and I was watching it at Granny’s, where I was bored to tears and the TV was blasting so loud then muted midway a commercial break then not unmuted for the first minute or two of show….so ….I missed some stuff.


4 thoughts on “Hoarders – episodes 1-4

  1. Alex

    Somehow, this show makes me feel better about NOT cleaning out the fridge. You’d think that seeing all this nasty shit would make you want to go clean your entire kitchen with a toothbrush, but I just think, “Look at that mess! At least I’m not THAT bad!”

  2. Pammy

    The food episode was the worst for me, after digging around in the freezer part of that horrendously filthy fridge, the lady found some obviously freezer burned and discolored tamales. Her response to this was “Uummmm, tamales, I didn’t know I had tamales, uummmmmm”.. as if she had just discovered a freshly prepared batch instead of an old frozen cube of questionable ingredients . UGH. I have a relative with this disorder and I can totally verify that the hoarding participants do not have a clue. I compare it to someone coming into my house and telling me I had to throw out my favorite pair of shoes, or my favorite book. It’s really a weird thing.

  3. mel Post author

    yeah, that food stuff is nasty…

    it would be horrible for people to come in tell me to hand over my stuff…and shoes!! YIKES…..I kept thinking “don’t we have a right to have as much crap in our house as we want…when it’s not endangering animals or kids or whatever?” But then, I do always joke that I’ll probably die by a ton of books caving in on my head…..


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