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The Room

Like a 2 a.m Skinamax movie minus the soft porn sex scenes, this movie is seemingly low budget (though cost 7 million to make somehow), full of bad acting and a very poor plot created just for the purpose of setting up Lisa’s many sex scenes…yet, sex scenes in this movie were slow, boring, not very revealing, and shot “artistically” I’d guess…through the bed netting etc.  The plot seemed to be created just for the purpose of a sex scene every ten minutes but you’d want to sleep through them….

The horrible acting made our viewing audience turn into Mystery Science Theater type characters, filling in the dialogue with storylines and jokes of our own.  Truly the worst movie (to take itself so seriously) ever made–and yes, I’ve seen Manos…it’s Oscar bait next to this film!!  The writer/director/producer/lead actor, Tommy Wiseau, claims he meant it to be funny…somehow I don’t buy that.  And I now hope I never see roses, bed netting, silk, and the Golden Gate Bridge again.

Rent this movie if you love making fun of horrible movies….or if you are really curious just how bad a movie can be.



ok…I went into this movie with a “homework” assignment attitude…it had been mentioned quite a few times on Filmspotting so I felt obligated to check it out….and well, it did sound kinda interesting….yet kinda stupid.  Turns out it was really interesting!  Who knew conversations could be so riviting?  well, other than of course Tarantino fans and Edward Albee fans…anyway….it’s a really cool movie.  Check it out.




only gets an average of two stars on Netflix….I’d say it’s around a 3 star movie with me.  The lead actor, Eduardo Verastegui, is a total feast for the eyes, even with the bushy beard he has in most of the movie….was a good story…I think the Catholic church didn’t think so….glad I don’t go to them for movie reviews….this movie won some awards….is an independent film…