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Is Anybody There?

I ask myself this all the time really….however, today I am refering to the title of a movie I watched yesterday on netflix instant play…I pretty much watch anything with Michael Caine.  Not all of his movies are great, but he’s always great.  Anyway, this was a charming movie, sweet and touching…alright fuck you, so I cried a little.  Damn movie!


The Proposal

so boring I spent most of the movie Tweeting….luckily I’d been warned it was just a so so movie so I waited to watch it on Netflix instant play…Rom Coms sometimes greatly underestimate the importance of CHEMISTRY….the plot doesn’t matter half as much as chemistry between the leads…and I personally favor Rom Coms with a good “meet cute” and this started out with them knowing, and disliking, each other… was boring.  Sandra is not charming in this one.

Wire in the Blood (finished series)

Was a great series.  Sad to be done with it.  I hope they give us a season 7 one of these days.  Dr. Tony Hill was one of my favorite TV characters.  And I learned a bit about psy profiling.  I didn’t care as much about the who done it of the crimes as much as I enjoyed watching Tony figure it all out using psychology.

9 1/2 Weeks

As far as erotic plot driven movies go, I’d rather see Last Tango in Paris.  But if you have a big boner for Kim Bassinger (and who wouldn’t) and want to see her in every frame, most of them half naked and crawling or dancing or moaning or sucking fingers or having food poured on her or fucking Mickey Rourke on a staircase in an disgusting alley (which was kinda hot), then you MUST rent this movie.  Personally I thought I’d get more lustful Mickey moments…not much Mickey…I think they filmed most of the scenes without him even there….I did find it annoying too, that every time she had on a black dress, it seemed that the sex was threatening or turned scary for a moment…but when she was wearing white it was “sexy” (IF you have aforementioned boner for KB)….But I’m thinking more black dress moments, maybe even a murder, would have pepped this baby up…and a good beaver shot…we didn’t get one of those either….

Wire in the Blood –Season 4

I’ve finished season 4 and if not for my total love of the character Dr.Hill and the drool factor for the actor who plays him (Robson Green), I wouldn’t have watched this season out of spite!  They took Carol off….the flirtations between Dr.Hill and Carol were great and I am pissed they dropped that storyline.


Wire in the Blood – Season 2, episodes 1 & 2


BBC — crime drama show….it’s awesome.  I, like everybody else who discusses this show, have a little crush on Dr. Hill.  I like this show almost as much as I liked Prime Suspect.  It’s that kind of show that makes you wish you were a criminal psychologist or detective.