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Second Sight (BBC)

Been watching this BBC crime drama series about (described on netflix as “absorbing”…eeehhh…not really all that absorbing) -Det. Ross Tanner, played by Clive Owen back before he had giant white caps put on his teeth, is going blind because of some weird eye disease thing.  Aren’t we a bit tired of all the different gimicks writers use to make the detective story “fresh”?  —The crimes in this series are fairly easy to figure out ahead of time and not very interesting….Clive is the only thing really making it worth while to follow….but I tell you, if you want a BBC crime drama, check out Wire in the Blood.


The Room

Like a 2 a.m Skinamax movie minus the soft porn sex scenes, this movie is seemingly low budget (though cost 7 million to make somehow), full of bad acting and a very poor plot created just for the purpose of setting up Lisa’s many sex scenes…yet, sex scenes in this movie were slow, boring, not very revealing, and shot “artistically” I’d guess…through the bed netting etc.  The plot seemed to be created just for the purpose of a sex scene every ten minutes but you’d want to sleep through them….

The horrible acting made our viewing audience turn into Mystery Science Theater type characters, filling in the dialogue with storylines and jokes of our own.  Truly the worst movie (to take itself so seriously) ever made–and yes, I’ve seen Manos…it’s Oscar bait next to this film!!  The writer/director/producer/lead actor, Tommy Wiseau, claims he meant it to be funny…somehow I don’t buy that.  And I now hope I never see roses, bed netting, silk, and the Golden Gate Bridge again.

Rent this movie if you love making fun of horrible movies….or if you are really curious just how bad a movie can be.


ok…I went into this movie with a “homework” assignment attitude…it had been mentioned quite a few times on Filmspotting so I felt obligated to check it out….and well, it did sound kinda interesting….yet kinda stupid.  Turns out it was really interesting!  Who knew conversations could be so riviting?  well, other than of course Tarantino fans and Edward Albee fans…anyway….it’s a really cool movie.  Check it out.

World’s Greatest Dad

I’d had too much 2 buck Chuck while watching this movie….I’m not sure I can fairly evaluate it but I thought it was interesting….good…not great.  In the black comedy genre, I’ve seen much funnier…much darker…movies that I liked a lot better.  Little Miss Sunshine was better ….Heathers (which this movie borrows a bit from)…Happiness and Storytelling (those these two movies are more intense and make you feel a bit dirty) were better movies…..anyway….I liked this movie…but I’m not enthusiastically recommending it …but if you want to see Robin Williams naked, and who doesn’t, then go for it…. 🙂

PS…and as a writer, I get a little tired of movies about failed/failing writers….anyway…just a personal (maybe too close to home) thing…

Brideshead Revisted, episodes 6-13 (finished)


Should be subtitled:  how religion torments people and tears apart great loves …how religion is the death of happiness….that’s my non catholic accessment…to a devout catholic I’m sure it is a story of redemption etc….you could draw some parallels with Graham Greene’s End of the Affair (though Bendrix comes away with a different attitude about religion than Charles)… can catch a whiff of Atonement in this story too…..but only marginally.  All I know is, I’d hate having to live with the weight of being Catholic.  I sure will miss the house….

Brideshead Revisted, Disc 2 – episodes 3, 4, & 5


BBC mini series (1981) — remember how I said I liked the narrative parts and wanted to read Waugh because of the language?  Well he said of Brideshead:

It was a bleak period of present privation and threatening disaster — the period of soya beans and Basic English — and in consequence the book is infused with a kind of gluttony, for food and wine, for the splendours of the recent past, and for rhetorical and ornamental language which now, with a full stomach, I find distasteful.”

I’ve felt that about my own writing many times….and I guess I can see where the language does become overblown especially to modern readers…..but even the way he describes his distaste for his writing is so beautiful….I’ve always really loved that style.

The plot is dragging a bit….I find myself reading a magazine while watching the movie….that can’t be a good sign.

Brideshead Revisited (1981)–Disc 1


BBC — this is a four disc mini series of the book by Evelyn Waugh…way more detailed than the 2008 version.

Waugh wrote that the novel “deals with what is theologically termed ‘the operation of Grace’, that is to say, the unmerited and unilateral act of love by which God continually calls souls to Himself”.  Ummm..I thought it was about a wonderfully charming gay guy (my beloved Anthony Andrews) in love with a guy (adorable Jeremy Irons) who ends up loving the gay guys sister instead….or there abouts…..I wish I could live at Brideshead…

The VO narrative parts are so beautiful and reminds me yet again that I need to read Waugh…