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Jersey Shore

I’m from (and live) in the Southern US…so we have our fair share of “types.”….so it is interesting to me to watch these “Guido” Jersey types doing their thing….but I can’t decide if I like this reality show or not.  I think I wonder about the “reality” of it.  I think I’d rather see them documentary style in their natural habitat instead of “Real World” put into a house together with a hot tub to see how much sexual drunken fighting drama crap breaks out.  Seems like they’re fitting all the drama in fast!  But…maybe that’s how it goes wth Guidos….I’m still watching.  Can’t believe some guy punched a girl in the face!


The Rachel Zoe Project

That's bananas!

That's bananas!

BRAVO –In this episode, Taylor is the only one with organization and cool…the one who never makes mistakes and knows it all….Brad feels he’s doing his best and it isn’t appreciate…Brad and Taylor squabble….Rachel is tired and stressed and busy busy…A celebrity pops in…..oh yeah…that is EVERY episode!!!  That’s the most annoying part of this show….the noticable formula and the feeling that some dramas are a bit staged or at least played up for the camera.  Other than that I really enjoy it….love all the dresses and shoes and bags and the fantasy of having Rachel’s job 🙂  It’s mindless fun but I dig it.

Masters of Reception


TLC — not a very good show…these guys do not seem like masters at all….seems like some “near disasterous” things like the caterer being two hours late is just staged…the owner wasn’t even mad!  bullshit.  I thought the two weddings looked very stamped out and not special in any way…boring…and even tacky.

Project Runway

season 6

season 6

LFN–Did NOT agree with the winning outfit….wasn’t the worst one by far, but I don’t see how it beat two of MY favorites!  Something about the judges this year…they seem MEAN this season….but I like it 😉  Wonder if Heidi got those leggings from H&M?  I could sure use a pair of glittery leggings …who couldn’t?

I wish you could buy the confidence these people have…It always amazes me when people say how great they are how they just know they’ll win over everyone else…are they faking that?  they really seem to believe it….

If you squint and imagine his hair much darker, Logan kinda looks a bit Rick Springfield …but he has no personality….blahhhh…

Hoarders – episodes 1-4

my worst nightmare

my worst nightmare

A&E —– I’m totally fascinated by hoarders….guess I’m not alone since they’ve made a show on it…It reminds me of How Clean is Your House only on this show they’re trying to deal with helping the person psychologically as well as clean out the junk….but it’s rushed…i’m sure this is something that would take months or years of work….not two days.  The cat episode was really tough for me to watch…..and I was watching it at Granny’s, where I was bored to tears and the TV was blasting so loud then muted midway a commercial break then not unmuted for the first minute or two of show….so ….I missed some stuff.