9 1/2 Weeks

As far as erotic plot driven movies go, I’d rather see Last Tango in Paris.  But if you have a big boner for Kim Bassinger (and who wouldn’t) and want to see her in every frame, most of them half naked and crawling or dancing or moaning or sucking fingers or having food poured on her or fucking Mickey Rourke on a staircase in an disgusting alley (which was kinda hot), then you MUST rent this movie.  Personally I thought I’d get more lustful Mickey moments…not much Mickey…I think they filmed most of the scenes without him even there….I did find it annoying too, that every time she had on a black dress, it seemed that the sex was threatening or turned scary for a moment…but when she was wearing white it was “sexy” (IF you have aforementioned boner for KB)….But I’m thinking more black dress moments, maybe even a murder, would have pepped this baby up…and a good beaver shot…we didn’t get one of those either….



ok…I went into this movie with a “homework” assignment attitude…it had been mentioned quite a few times on Filmspotting so I felt obligated to check it out….and well, it did sound kinda interesting….yet kinda stupid.  Turns out it was really interesting!  Who knew conversations could be so riviting?  well, other than of course Tarantino fans and Edward Albee fans…anyway….it’s a really cool movie.  Check it out.

World’s Greatest Dad

I’d had too much 2 buck Chuck while watching this movie….I’m not sure I can fairly evaluate it but I thought it was interesting….good…not great.  In the black comedy genre, I’ve seen much funnier…much darker…movies that I liked a lot better.  Little Miss Sunshine was better ….Heathers (which this movie borrows a bit from)…Happiness and Storytelling (those these two movies are more intense and make you feel a bit dirty) were better movies…..anyway….I liked this movie…but I’m not enthusiastically recommending it …but if you want to see Robin Williams naked, and who doesn’t, then go for it…. 🙂

PS…and as a writer, I get a little tired of movies about failed/failing writers….anyway…just a personal (maybe too close to home) thing…

Wire in the Blood –Season 4

I’ve finished season 4 and if not for my total love of the character Dr.Hill and the drool factor for the actor who plays him (Robson Green), I wouldn’t have watched this season out of spite!  They took Carol off….the flirtations between Dr.Hill and Carol were great and I am pissed they dropped that storyline.


The It Crowd: Series 2 episode 1

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia BBC version

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia BBC version

I’m on my fourth glass of wine and started this show with episode one of series 2 so I thought it was chuckle worthy…reminded me a LOT of It’s Always Sunny and a bit like Flight of the Concords minus the singing ……I’ll try a few more episodes….let’s start at the beginning shall we?

The Rachel Zoe Project

That's bananas!

That's bananas!

BRAVO –In this episode, Taylor is the only one with organization and cool…the one who never makes mistakes and knows it all….Brad feels he’s doing his best and it isn’t appreciate…Brad and Taylor squabble….Rachel is tired and stressed and busy busy…A celebrity pops in…..oh yeah…that is EVERY episode!!!  That’s the most annoying part of this show….the noticable formula and the feeling that some dramas are a bit staged or at least played up for the camera.  Other than that I really enjoy it….love all the dresses and shoes and bags and the fantasy of having Rachel’s job 🙂  It’s mindless fun but I dig it.