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Wire in the Blood (finished series)

Was a great series.  Sad to be done with it.  I hope they give us a season 7 one of these days.  Dr. Tony Hill was one of my favorite TV characters.  And I learned a bit about psy profiling.  I didn’t care as much about the who done it of the crimes as much as I enjoyed watching Tony figure it all out using psychology.


Wire in the Blood –Season 4

I’ve finished season 4 and if not for my total love of the character Dr.Hill and the drool factor for the actor who plays him (Robson Green), I wouldn’t have watched this season out of spite!  They took Carol off….the flirtations between Dr.Hill and Carol were great and I am pissed they dropped that storyline.


Wire in the Blood – Season 2, episodes 1 & 2


BBC — crime drama show….it’s awesome.  I, like everybody else who discusses this show, have a little crush on Dr. Hill.  I like this show almost as much as I liked Prime Suspect.  It’s that kind of show that makes you wish you were a criminal psychologist or detective.